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Monthly Message From the Study of Donegal Presbyterian Church


Philo of Alexandria, Egypt, was a Hellenized Jewish Philosopher, born 20BC.  A quotation attributed to him was this,
“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting
a great battle.”

         A Scottish author Ian MacLaren, real name, Rev. John Watson, was credited with the following quotation,
“Be kind.  Everyone you meet is
carrying a heavy burden.” (1897).

         In either case, it is something to remember as we enter the “lost” month of November.  November can be a harsh companion:

  • no pretty leaves to take our breath away,
  • cooler temperatures and shorter days,
  • gray skies, priming us for snow?
  • The “fastest” month of the year (my experience!).

         On the other hand, look at the “positives” that November ushers in:

  • we gain an hour of sleep (set your clocks back one hour before going to bed on November 1),
  • Christ the King Sunday and the “Greening” of the church, November 23,
  • Thanksgiving!
  • The first Sunday of Advent, November 30.

         We never know what today or tomorrow will bring, do we?  Why not practice being kind to all those we encounter, human and animal?  I think we will find that our blood pressures will dip, our steps will quicken, and we will open ourselves to the Holy Spirit at work, in and around us!

         November is sounding better already!