Pastor Thomas J. McKinnon, Jr.


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Monthly Message From the Study of Donegal Presbyterian Church


                 Not much happening in your life?  Have you been to church lately?  Did you hear about my sermon given on September 21, 2014, “Letterman and Me”?  It was pretty well crafted, if I do say so myself.  The bottom line was this:  I am retiring!  My last day will be November 13, 2015 (Friday the 13th!) and my last Sunday will be October 25, 2015, Reformation Sunday.  I can “feel” the bagpipes now!  My ministry began with you on February 15, 1994.  Some people have asked Suzanne if my retirement is a result of a health problem and the answer to that is a RESOUNDING “NO”!!  The summer of 2014 included a scheduled battery of physical exams and everything came out great for a 67 year-old man!  I am blest with excellent health but I work out quite a bit so I can do the best I can to be physically able to undergo the stress and strain of ministry.
         The decision to retire germinated about three years ago when Suzanne and I attended a 3-day retirement seminar sponsored by the Board of Pensions, PC(USA), “Growing Into Tomorrow…Today”.  It got us thinking and through an intense discernment process, God was calling me to call it “quits” at the age of 68.  I am going to savor every moment in what remains of our ministry together and there will be no coasting on my part.
         God is good!  I continue to be blest and so will you!