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Monthly Message From the Study of Donegal Presbyterian Church


         In case you missed the excitement generated over the last few weeks, here is an update followed by my summer reading suggestions for dog lovers only!
Our church was selected as a location for filming a segment of Paul & Nick’s Big Food Trip, a very popular “Scotch-Irish Cookery Series” in Great Britain.  It was a blast!  Some of our members were interviewed; numerous shots of our grounds and buildings were filmed.  I had the experience of a nearly two hour long taping session with Paul and Nick!  The Production Team was led by the producer, Claire Small, from Belfast, Ireland, complete with John, the English director, camermen Paul and Mark, sound engineer Mark, assistant to the director, Jillian, production assistant Mike and the “Home Economic”, Alan.  They were very professional and humorous! 
The grand-finale was a meal prepared and served in our kitchen and Fellowship Hall, cooked by the award winning chefs, Paul Rankin and Nick Nairn.  All the food was local and the finished presentation was “heavenly”, complete with the chef’s creation, the “Whoopee Roll”!  Yummy!!  Our segment will air in Great Britain in January, 2015.  I have been promised a copy of the show.  Can a “red carpet” event be in the works for 2015?
Thanks to the keen eyes of Tim & Ainsley Elkner, those present for worship on June 15, were able to see a hummingbird’s nest, complete with occupants!  What a wonderful experience!  You will never find it without directions.  Ask around, or show up on a Sunday and ask the Elkners to lead the way. 

         Now for the books.  Dog Songs, by poet and Pulitzer Prize winner, Mary Oliver, is a delight for dog lovers and those who enjoy poetry!  Her book is a “celebration of the special bond between human and dog, as understood through the poet’s relationship to the canines that have accompanied her daily walks, warmed her home, and inspired her work.”  It is not just about dogs but about life! 
Susan Wilson’s work, One Good Dog, is a warm, gut-wrenching, hope-filled novel of Adam, a successful businessman, who made a bad decision in his life, costing him everything and Chance, a mix of pit bull and who-knows-what, born in an inner-city cellar, who was bred to fight and was very good at it.  His world is dark, vicious and terror-filled.  Chance’s “handlers” are soul-less creatures!  Adam and Chance each receive a second chance.  Will it work?  You will need some “tissues” if you read this, but read it.  Not all characters have to meet tragic ends but you never know!
Have a relaxing summer and continue to pray for each other and our world!