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Monthly Message From the Study of Donegal Presbyterian Church

APRIL 2015

I have done three interviews between March 18th and the 24th, two of the three were involving Amendment 14-F on “Marriage”; one for WGAL and the other for Lancaster News in the Faith and Values section, written by Elizabeth Eisenstadt-Evans.  (To be printed for the March 28th edition).  Those were not easy to do but I was asked to do them.

The other interview, however, was a delight!  I received a call from David Lewellen, a writer for Presbyterians Today magazine.  He was doing an article on animals in the church and heard that I had something to do with a blessing of the animals.  I gave him enough information to write two articles!  We must have talked for 20-25 minutes!

On Monday, March 23, I received an email from David who realized that he did not have any pictures of our Blessing of the Animals Service; could I send him one.  I had two that Ginny Labagh had sent me from last year’s service.  They were both of our English Setter, Sybil.  I chose the one that touched me the deepest.  Just two months after that “blessing”, we put Sybil down.  Her mast cell tumor was beginning to cause more complications and she knew it was time.

Two odd things happened prior to the 17th of February. Syb loved taking walks to the “farmer’s” field, as we call it, but she did not have enough stamina to do it; short walks were a great adventure and delight for her.  Taking her time to smell just about everything and leaving her “telephone number”!  But on that Friday, she kept moving to the field.  “Do you want to stop, Syb?”   “No-got to get to the field!”  She made it and was so proud of herself that she broke into a little trot of triumph.  What a sight!
As Suzanne and I were taking her for her last ride, our feral cat, “Kitty Kat”, came out of nowhere, at 2:45 p.m.  This was very unusual for her.  She walked over to Sybil while Syb moved closer to her.  They touched noses and “Kitty Kat” ran through her opening next to our fence.  A last “good-bye”.
As I shared with David Lewellen, that picture of Sybil and myself was a “soul-felt” blessing.  Two “odd things” and the death of a wonderful dog.  I have been blest again!
Have a joyous Easter!  I will!!