Rev. Dr. Donald M. Rising
Temporary Pastor



The Rev. Dr. Donald M. Rising joined us as Temporary Pastor on November 15th and will be with us for several months while the search process continues.


Monthly Message From the Study of Donegal Presbyterian Church


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Happy New Year!  No, I haven’t gotten the dates confused nor am I rushing the season. The season of Advent marks the beginning of a new liturgical year. There is a rhythm to the cycle of the seasons and we begin that cycle again with Advent.  And what better way to begin than to prepare? We are preparing for the celebration of Jesus’ birthday.  These Advent days should be spent in quiet reflection and meditation on God’s gift of His Son to us.  They should include the regular reading of God’s Word and prayer.  They should focus our thoughts on God’s gift of love in Christ and how we can and could respond to that love.  They should help us think about how we can serve others, how we can spread the light of Christ in the world. Recent events in the world and our own country, random acts of violence and unkindness show how desperately the world needs the light and love of Christ.

These Advent days should not be spent in a frenzy of activity, a mad rush to “get it all done” by December 25th.  If that’s what we do, Christmas will be an empty, disappointing celebration for us.

The Adult Education Class is engaged in a 5-week study, “A Different Kind of Christmas” based on Mike Slaughter’s book, Christmas Is Not Your Birthday.  I commend it to you and encourage you to attend the class which meets at 10:20 AM.  The series ends on December 20th.

Use these Advent days to prepare, not for Christmas, but for Christ.

In Christ’s service,


Please read the Rev. Dr. Donald M. Rising's letter to the congregation from November.