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Monthly Message From the Study of Donegal Presbyterian Church

I would like to talk with you today about a new opportunity for ministry here at Donegal. The session has just accepted a most generous offer from John Winters, who has donated a minivan to the church. This is not just any ordinary minivan. It is a fully accessible vehicle for a person with a handicap. It is equipped with a lift to raise a chair or individual into and out of the vehicle.

This generous gift gives us a new opportunity for ministry that can help us reach out to many people, members and neighbors of the church alike. We can be a real godsend (in the most literal sense of the word!) to anyone who has trouble getting in and out of a vehicle. Just think of the possibilities…

• Doctor visits
• Surgery/hospital pickups
• Grocery runs
• Social functions
• Church fellowship
• Worship attendance

There are many, for various reasons, who find it hard to get in and out of vehicles. As a result, the loss of

community can be devastating. Just think about being able to pick one of our own, and bring them to the Men’s Breakfast, a P.W. Circle, or worship on Sunday morning. Can you imagine the restoration… the salvation in our midst?

If someone also has an issue with walking, there is good news for them too. As part of this donation, there is an electronic wheelchair that will be available for someone who needs to use it. We can bring it along to pickup an individual or leave it at the church. Whatever it takes to show someone love and bring them into community!
So, we need you help…

• First, we need to know of any possibility that we can use the van. If you or a loved one could use this service of the church, please let us know! You can either call the church office (717-653-1943) or me directly (717-808-6847).

• Secondly, if you would like to take part in this ministry and be added to the pool of drivers, please let me know! We just need your driver’s license number, so that you can be added to the insurance policy.

This is truly a new opportunity for God to be at work through us, here at Donegal. I am excited about it, and hope that it bears much fruit. Please consider taking part in this ministry, either by receiving or giving. I believe it will be a wonderful act of our family.

Your brother in Christ,