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Monthly Message From the Study of Donegal Presbyterian Church

APRIL 2014


Do you know what a “selfie” is?  Here is a definition from the “Oxford University Press”:  “A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” (  The first known selfie was taken by Robert Cornelius in l839, who was an American pioneer in photography.  If you google this, check out his hairstyle; quite a “head” of his time!

Have you done a “selfie”? 

Here are just a few who have: 

President and Mrs. Kennedy,
Winston Churchill,
Meryl Streep with Hillary Clinton,
Pope Frances,
Prince William and Kate,
Tom Hanks with Steve Martin,
and the famous one taken by Ellen De Generes at the Oscars.

Even God has taken a selfie. 

It is called Jesus Christ and it happened in Bethlehem.  Jesus Christ is God’s self-portrait!  Jesus has said, on various occasions, “If you see me, you have seen God”. 

Jesus, not to miss out on a fun thing, took a selfie, too.  It is called the church. 

As we draw closer to Holy Week, here is a question to ponder in your heart: 

                       “What would it look like if Jesus were
                        alive today and active in the world?”

      We, the church, show our neighbors, our communities, our work places, our country, the world, what Jesus looks like.   We are the ambassadors for Christ!  Give that some thought.  Who knows, you might want to take a selfie on Easter!