Rev. Dr. Donald M. Rising
Temporary Pastor



The Rev. Dr. Donald M. Rising joined us as Temporary Pastor on November 15th and will be with us for several months while the search process continues.

JUNE 2016

Monthly Message From the Study of Donegal Presbyterian Church

Brothers and Sisters,

We have just celebrated Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came upon the whole church. Disciples and apostles were empowered by the Spirit to preach the Good News with boldness. They no longer feared for their lives, but proclaimed the Gospel and performed miracles. It was an exciting time for the followers of Jesus as a Church was born and numbers of people were added.

These are exciting times for you too! For the first time in 21 years, you will greet a new pastor! Even though many of you knew Matt and Stacie before they moved away 8 years ago, the Matt and Stacie who are returning to you are different people. They have grown through the 3 years of seminary training and 5 years of service to the Cross Roads Presbyterian Church in Mebane, North Carolina. And they added two boys, Owen and Gavin, to their family. So all of you will have the joy of greeting new people. Matt and Stacie will bring a breath of fresh air to you and the Donegal Church.

It has been my privilege to have served you these past 6 months. When I retired last June, I thought I might preach on occasion, but did not expect to ever serve a church again.  God had a different idea.  It was a blessing to serve you and get to know you! Thank you for having me and letting Lynn and me into your hearts and lives. We have been enriched and blessed by our time among you.

We thank you all for your gracious hospitality, your affection, your words of appreciation and encouragement, and your support.

Please know that I will be praying for you and cheering you on as you begin a new chapter in your ministry and history.

Peace and Love!

Don Rising