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CHRISTMAS MARKET 2016 (04-20-16)

We are ready to go-go-go!  To gather Donegal Presbyterian people together as our Christmas Market 2016 progresses, we’ve scheduled an informational social for Sunday, April 17 at 2 p.m. Because we appreciate everyone’s time and skills, the social will be focused and efficient while we enjoy snacks and each other’s’ company and thoughts.We’ll use a projector to easily highlight specific examples of likely products, food, gifts, etc. that our experience from last year and on-going research have taught us should be the most successful.

Who should come? Anyone interested in helping further our church’s mission outreach. There will be opportunities for all of us to advance our Christmas Market’s success. Your participation and ideas will be indispensable! Please remember to bring your calendar, and just wait til you see the potential “you-can-do-it” workshops to consider and vote on!

The Cemetery Index has been updated to reflect burials and committals since 2015. YOU can find this on the Church History page.

Pastor Rising's March message is an excellent reminder of why Easter happens in the Spring, and its powerful symbol of renewal.

APPROVED TOUR (04-20-16)
Members of Derry Presbyterian Church will be visiting for a tour on April 24, 2016, in the afternoon.

The DPNC has complete its work, and made a recommendation to the congregation. We will hear the candidate preach on May 1st. Out of courtesy to the candidate and family, we are not posting any other details at this time, however, every church family received a letter and a resume.  Please keep the DPNC and our entire Church Family in your prayers as we move into this next phase of the search process.