Matt&Tom1It has been a whirlwind of change for Matt and his family, beginning with his May graduation from Union Presbyterian Seminary (renamed in 2009 from Union Theological Seminary.) After presenting his personal statement of faith to the Presbytery of Donegal on June 21st at Union Presbyterian Church in Kirkwood, it was just 16 days later that Matt's long-anticipated service of ordination was held at Donegal. A proud moment for Matt and his family, it was also a very special day for Pastor Tom and the congregation as we sent Matt and Stacie off to lead his new congregation at Cross Roads Presbyterian Church in Mebane, North Carolina.Matt&Tom2

Thank You
To our Church Family at Donegal,

Once again we are so appreciative of your generous gift for our family.  We are thankful for all the love shown to us through financial help, prayers, and words of encouragement and praise. We are blessed to be part of such a wonderful church family.  Through your support and love you have shown what it means to follow Christ’s example.   Our church family is very special to us and we hope God blesses you as much as you have blessed our lives. Thank you for your expression of love for our family. 

Thank You,        Matt, Stacie, Owen, & Gavin


Donegal actually has another ministerial candidate in Josh Andrezejewski who entered Union Theological Seminary also upon graduation fromElizabethtown College. And we are fortunate to have three members, Steve Sturgis, Tom Labagh and Mike Wills who frequently have very capably substituted in the pulpit.  Pastor Tom is to be credited for his inspiration and encouragement for all of these in using their time and abilities in serving God and their church.


Our 3rd annual Donegal Harvest Day was held on Saturday, October 15th - one week later than in previous years to avoid competing with the many other activities held on Columbus Day weekend. It has rapidly become our largest community outreach endeavor of the year! Once again there were many crafts and activities to entertain kids of all ages, great music, quality vendors, and of course plenty of excellent home-made foods, featuring our delicious chicken corn soup and apple dumplings!

Harvest Day Pix-2011




Continuing our anniversary celebration, Kurt Enck prepared a PowerPoint program that illustrated much of our 290-year history before a large group to our members on Sunday, August 14, 2011. It was an informal presentation that allowed comments, clarification and questions, making it a very informative session. His program could very well be used to present Donegal’s unique story to schools or other organizations. We surely can be proud of our impressive history. Thank you, Kurt.


 Sorry, if you missed it--Sunday June 26, 2011--we had a reenactment of our Witness Tree day!  It was so very well done and all planned by Tom Labagh--obviously after much research and thought on Donegal’s Scots-Irish congregation and the struggle against the British rule. And the new pastor at Donegal had just recently come here from Scotland, accustomed to praying for the British King and Queen.

        Tom’s script had our service begin in the usual way, but--when it was sermon time, in walked the Rev. McFarquhar as the visiting pastor.  He was in a long robe and wore a huge powdered wig (about which there is a humorous story). He commented on the many changes he saw (after more than 230 years), particularly the organ, “that was unnecessary in his day as they had a precentor to line out the hymns for the congregation!”

        Then Rev. McFarquhar (actually Tom in disguise) proceeded to deliver a fine sermon interrupted by a messenger from General Washington to inform Col. Lowrey and the other militia members at worship, that they were needed immediately to aid in stopping the British from taking Philadelphia.  As has often been told, members of the Battalion immediately rushed out the doors, followed by the congregation, and all joined hands around the Witness Tree (footprint) and pledged allegiance to a new and free nation.  And the Rev. joined in their declaration!  The reenactment had been so well planned and carried out that there were many teary eyes.

        All this was preceded by a visit from three descendants of the Rev. Colin McFarquhar.  They contacted us months before to announce that they were giving their Eichholtz portrait of their ancestor to Donegal Church.  They spoke briefly and told the humorous tale of the Reverend and the wig that his grandson as a prank had sprinkled with sugar and then when preaching it attracted a swarm of flies.  The descendants were from the pastor’s family that had gone to Washington, PA in the early 1800’s.  There is a need for some restoration of both painting and frame that is waiting for a source of funds for that purpose.

        Regarding the reenactment, Tom Labagh has given the church the entire script in book form along with a DVD that we should show again sometime soon.  Our very sincere thanks to Tom!