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CHRISTIAN EDUCATION APPEAL: As we plan for the new school year beginning in September, we must ask for more assistance from members of the church. In general, we need to get more people to act as shepherds to assist with Sunday School classes. Shepherds do not teach classes themselves – rather they assist and also ensure we have more than one adult to supervisor the children. That is pretty much a consistent need.

However, we have a much more immediate need. This appeal is to seek someone to act as coordinator for children’s Christian Education for at least the period from September 2012 thru early May of 2013. With the One-room Schoolhouse Program we are using, no teacher is required to teach consistently. Rather, teachers can do intermittent lessons or even only one lesson. The effort required is to enlist teachers, keep track of the schedule, and make sure teachers have the required materials. We need someone (who may or may not actually teach Sunday School classes themselves) to take on this responsibility.

Is the Lord calling you to take a more active role in the life of the church? This may be your calling. I am not asking for a long-term commitment, though that would be ideal. Just one year would be enough for now. Please examine your heart and pray about whether you are being called to assist. This is a worthy and necessary effort. If you would like to discuss either need (Shepherd or Coordinator) please contact Mike Wills at 717-439-6393 or as soon as possible.